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Friday, July 3, 2009

Teaching Statement

I believe a good teacher should well understand the subject in his classes as well as be able to explain the material clearly in various ways to help students’ understanding and keep them motivated. A careful and organized lesson is a necessary to achieve this goal. In my opinion, an efficient teaching program should at least include the following components:

1. Effective teaching skills. These skills include logical and clear explanation of the material, active interaction with students and organization of on-class discussions. Efficient use of teaching tools such as a projector, and computers. Presentation with more graphical demonstrations and animations are definitely a plus to keep student highly motivated.

2. Deliberate design of a course. This includes a careful selection of material to be covered, a concrete schedule for teaching and learning. The material should be chosen to cover the fundamentals of the underlying subjects. The instructor should always prepare to answer why a theorem is interested, why an assumption is made and where a theorem is applicable. Of course, care should be taken in order not to lose the students’ attention in the course. Certain flexibility should also be kept in the schedule and in the plan of teaching for inevitable small changes that has to be made in the middle of the course.

3. Active communications among instructors and teaching assistants. Teaching is also a team works. A close communication among instructors and teaching assistants will help to find where are the “weakest” links in the teaching materials and who are the weakest links among all students in the same class. As a result, more attention can be paid to the lecture and to those students who feel withdrawal and cannot follow the class. In addition, interdisciplinary interactions have become a trend in many research areas. Communication among instructors would definitely not only build friendship but also broaden our view toward to both research and teaching.

4. Work as a team work. Students are expected to work as a team and solve more sophisticated problems. Through working on group projects, students can learn from each other, inspire more ideas and appreciate the true value of teamwork.

It would always be a joy for me to teach students, to interact with them and to learn from them. They will always be the source of new passion, new energy and new ideas. It is them the future belongs to. It would be a fortune for me to have a chance to help them and let them know how important mathematics and advance computation technologies are for understanding the great nature in our simple mind.