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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to develop an active learning in such a way to create an inquiry lesson and students centered environment. I want students to actively participate, rather than be a passively learner. One of my ultimate objectives in teaching is to facilitate learning by helping students to gain the necessary skills to take control of and become active participants in their own learning. I truly believe that knowledge gained through active participation is more practical than knowledge that will gained by individual. Thus my approach to teach will reflects this philosophy and I will develop and use many techniques that are designed to engage students in their own learning such as discussion, design their own experiment and any method that can encourage the inquiry learning.

When planning the lesson plan, I will emphasizes on the application of critical thinking skills to foster deep learning and the use of collaborative learning skill to facilitate problem solving among them in order to provide a save and an interactive environment learning. I try to help students transition from memorizing formulas to think critically about ideas and connecting concepts with everyday examples. I encourage students to tackle problems creatively, which helps them learn to think outside conventional boundaries and to seek the deeper meaning of a concept or finding. These skills have facilitated the greatest advances in science and also foster personal and intellectual fulfillment.

One of the most important concepts I hope to impart to students is that learning is a process that never ends. For me, the learning process includes improving myself professionally. I want to read more about formal learning theories to expand my understanding of how learning takes place and also about my content knowledge of the particular subject whereby I have to do a lot of reading in order to make me master and expertise in that subject. As I continue to instruct classes, I also aim to enhance my ease and confidence in front of classrooms and audiences. Finally, I plan to experiment with different methods and means of presenting information to classes in order to improve the learning atmosphere I create for students.